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Braden Scale II

The Braden Scale is the gold standard tool developed by Dr. Barbara Braden and Dr.
Nancy Bergstrom used to identify risk of developing a pressure injury.

Health SenseAi, a subsidiary of HD Nursing provides the license and educational tools to promote accuracy in scoring the Braden Scale II and the Braden ICU.

The Braden Scale II License and Toolkit

We are committed to provide accurate, evidence-based guidance and educational tools that provide clarity when scoring the Braden Scale II.  The clinical team at Health Sense Ai and HD Nursing developed the Braden Toolkit to support your education model and scoring accuracy of the Braden Scale II.

The Braden Toolkit includes the Braden Training computer-based learning module, a video voice-over training module, the Braden Glossary, and the Braden Downtime Form as an extra value to support your clinical practice.  The tools are made available upon completion of the Braden License for your facility.


License Types

Select a license type below to get started:

For more information on a complete patient safety program designed to prevent pressure injuries contact HD Nursing for information on the Braden Hester Pressure Injury Prevention Program at

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