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About Braden

Since 1988, the original Braden Scale© has become, and still is, the gold standard for predicting pressure injuries. The updated Braden Scale II© was developed by Dr. Amy Hester in consultation with Drs. Barbara Braden and Nancy Bergstrom. The new content, delivered directly to you, includes a scoring guide and clinician training module offering clinical nursing staff the resources they need to provide the most reliable way to achieve better outcomes in PI Prevention. Rigorous multi-phase reliability studies have demonstrated excellent inter-rater reliability (IRR) and consistency in scoring between both novice and experienced nursing staff.

Comes with a Scoring Guide and Training Module

Results in more precise scoring of PI risk

Provides clarity in scoring various patient situations

Ensures excellent consistency by nursing staff

Braden Scale II Licensing

Health Sense Ai, a subsidiary of HD Nursing, provides required licensing and educational tools for the Braden Scale II. Our commitment to the development and inclusion of educational materials is a critically important advancement in delivering an enhanced level of care to patients.

Braden Scale II© Glossary
Supports inter-rater reliability by creating working definitions for each subscale score. These definitions serve as the foundation to eliminate confusion in how the nurse will assess and score the risk in each subscale.

Braden Scale II© Education Module
A 30-minute training module designed to be used as self-directed learning for new hires, travel nurses, and annual or remedial education on how to use the Braden Scale II. The module can be downloaded into your Learning Management System (LMS) to assign and track completion.

The module also includes two case studies to support learning and a third case study to be scored as a test to practice your skill in assessing using the Braden Scale II.

Braden Scale II© Downtime Form
In the event of an emergency when the Electronic Health Record is impacted, the care team can revert to the paper chart for assessment.


How to Obtain a 
Braden Scale II License

Permission to use the Braden Scale II can only be granted through a License Agreement obtained through Health Sense Ai, owner of the Braden Scale© and Braden Scale II© copyrights.

Select a license type below to get started:

Braden Hester Pressure Injury Prevention Program

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For more information on a complete patient safety program designed to prevent pressure injuries, contact HD Nursing.

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